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Clem Fortuna's music uses unfolding patterns to create a world of reflective, consonant, post minimalist sound. Drawing on study of classical as well as Eastern and other folk music, his music can be meditative but retains the ability to go somewhere unexpected or uplifting.


Playing piano as a principal instrument, Fortuna also plays pedal steel guitar, accordion, recorder, violin, vibraphone, wash tub bass and musical glasses (among others). Playing on occasion in small venues, galleries and art museums over the last 30 years, Fortuna prefers to explore music for its own sake, for fun but not profit.

Microtonal theorist

Fortuna believes that music has been put into a straightjacket by the constraints of an arbitrary tuning system. Teaching about alternative tuning systems to anyone who will listen, Fortuna is passionate about spreading the gospel of microtonality to musicians of all types. 

Instrument Inventor

Fortuna is perpetually trying to reinvent instruments to adapt to new tunings and new ways of playing. Among his more successful is the 7 string zither, octave violin, 7 tone bass board and various gamelan like percussion instruments

Glass player

Clem Fortuna has built and performed on an instrument with over 40 pieces of tuned stemware. Rubbing the rims of glasses with wet hands has been elevated to a more difficult feat, performing works on occasion such as Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. Glass playing instruction available.

Piano Technician

Piano tuning, rebuilding, restoration and sales are Clem's principal business, with a special affinity for historic instruments and tunings.




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